Special Mission

Specialist aircraft modificaion

The vantage point of an airborne aircraft is the perfect platform for surveilling anything on the ground and modern digital technology now makes it easier than ever to view the world from the sky. SUN-AIR Technic has decades of experience modifying a wide variety of aircraft for special mission purposes, including for environmental and military surveillance, air ambulance and maritime patrol.

We are also an installation centre for some of the brightest and most experienced minds in aircraft modification: 



AVCON provides products and services designed for special mission requirements and to enhance the performance of business jets and turboprops.

The AVCON sensor provisions are utilised for:

  • Aerial mapping
  • ISR
  • Deforestation
  • Border protection
  • Coastal patrol
  • Oil spill detection
  • other related activities 

 AVCON’s sensor provisions handle the latest manufactured sensors and mounts for King Air and Citation model aircraft:

  • Vertical & Oblique Mapping Cameras
  • FLIR
  • Radars
  • Scanners

AVCON uses the best quality Optical Glass or Fused Silica for camera, LIDAR and Hyperspectral modifications. The lenses can be ordered coated or uncoated, depending on our customer or OEM requirements.

Pressure domes are also available for clear air sensors or retractable FLIR installations. 

Modifications include sliding doors to protect the glass or equipment during take-off and landing. AVCON Sensor Provisions support most current film and digital cameras, LIDARs, gyro stabilized camera mounts and fixed or retractable EO/IR Sensors.

The AVCON Sensor Modifications can be easily converted back to standard passenger configuration.

AUTHORISATION: Since 2008 SUN-AIR has been one of only three world wide AVCON Distribution & Installation Centers, exclusive for the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) on sensor provisions designed and manufactured by AVCON. 


LIFEPORT Ambulance modifications

Additionally we have long term experience modifying and installing Lifeport ambulance and life support systems.

We work closely with our charter division Joinjet to supply medical evacuation flights. We therefore have first-hand experience using medical systems, including installing and modifying them. The installation of Lifeport systems requires in-depth knowledge of elements such as compressed oxygen containers, powered loading systems and specific medical equipment.

SUN-AIR Technic has installed more than ten complete systems over the years.


Commuter Air Technology (CAT)

CAT developed its reputation for high-quality enhancements to the King Air family of aircraft, including modifications that increase rate of climb, cruise speed and payload, while decreasing fuel burn. Our capabilities include modifications for US and international governments to enable special operations, including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

The CAT upgrades include a gross weight increase on the King Air 350i, Cargo Pods for baggage or special mission purposes, high density interiors and many other solutions enabling special mission requirements.

Please contact our team of specialists for advice and support on special mission solutions.