Performance Upgrades

Modifications and performance upgrades

When it comes to performance, efficiency is crucial in order to ensure your aircraft performs its best. At SUN-AIR Technic, we are delighted to be the preferred partner for modifications and upgrades for several decades. We value and acknowledge the needs of our customers before embarking on a project, in order to ensure you get the most from your aircraft.

We can upgrade a variety of elements to ensure increased maximum take-off weight, shorter take-off and landing distances, better climb rate and initial cruise altitudes, faster and more fuel-efficient cruise and enhanced all-weather engine performance.

Other solutions involve replacing the OEM propellers with an ultra lightweight computer-designed composite propeller system, leading to vastly reduced noise and vibration inside and out, while still improving the performance compared to the OEM props.

Engine upgrades are also part of the programme at SUN-AIR Technic, significantly enhancing both performance and efficiency.

We offer a wide variety of systems and solutions for all aircraft types. Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your specific needs and possibilities.



When an aircraft receives its type certificate, it is approved for a specific engine and with this, a certain performance level. Blackhawk holds Supplemental Type Certificates, allowing more powerful engines to be installed in the most popular turboprop airframes, which can result in a major performance transformation. Climb rates and cruise speeds are substantially improved, without compromising on efficiency or value. Upgrade your aircraft to a different league of performance, at a price that is not much higher than an engine overhaul.



Winglet and propeller specialist BLR markets performance packets for King Airs that improve their efficiency, performance as well as noise levels, both inside and out. The well-known BLR winglets are a standard OEM feature on King Airs these days and the composite Whisper Props dramatically reduce noise levels as well as vibrations, ensuring a much less tiring pilot and passenger experience. Advanced lighting systems are also part of the line-up from BLR.



James Raisbeck, founder of Raisbeck Engineering, is the original innovator of performance upgrades for the King Air platform. For more than the past half century, Raisbeck Engineering has developed and implemented innovative solutions for the aviation industry, especially enhancing the climb performance and efficiency on King Airs and many other aircraft. We at SUN-AIR Technic are proud to be long time dealers and installers of Raisbeck performance products.


MT Propeller

From Germany comes MT propeller, a unique composite propeller system optimising performance both in terms of climb rate and cruise speed, and at the same time dramatically reducing vibration and noise levels. Available for a huge list of aircraft, MT is the logical choice when replacing your propellers, as an alternative to overhauling the existing props, or simply to gain the exclusive MT advantage. Ask us about an MT propeller solution for your aircraft.


Frakes Exhaust Stack

Upgraded exhaust stacks for your P&WC PT6A engine powered aircraft are designed to reduce the sooth on nacelles and wings with as much as 95%. Unmatched weld quality results in fewer cracks and extended lifetime compared to OEM stacks.