Avionic Upgrades

Following the extensive array of EASA mandates that have been introduced and implemented over the last few years, we are joining forces with our suppliers to ensure your aircraft adheres to the new requirements. We also aim to ensure you are able to explore the full scope of modern avionics to enhance performance. This means we offer a wide range of solutions to suit your needs, whether just to comply with latest mandates, or to carry out a complete refurbishment of your cockpit. 

We want our customers to enjoy the opportunity to fly with a state-of-the-art avionic setup, allowing the pilot maximum performance and situational awareness. By your aircraft new life by upgrading your avionic suite, you’ll give your pilots enhanced decision-making capabilities and make flying safer. 

We do ramp testing, installation and modification work, and we supply and install great products from renowned manufacturers such as GARMIN, TRIG, Avidyne and SkyTrac.



As a GARMIN-approved dealer and installation center we can provide you with major and minor avionics upgrades on your aircraft platform. GARMIN provides industry-leading technology and award-winning user-friendly features for pilots, and we take great pride in our close collaboration. If you need a new simple attitude indicator to give you better situational awareness or a complete flight deck upgrade, we can help. Please contact our sales team for more information and advice.



SkyTrac offers unique satellite-based communication solutions including complete integrated flight following and data acquisition systems. These systems can offer you real time tracking of your fleet’s status and whereabouts as well as providing valuable information and communication options, no matter where the aircraft is located. As an approved dealer, we are ready to provide you with a value added solution, customised for your specific operation.


Avidyne Flight Deck Systems

Being an Avidyne dealer means we have an extensive array of different flight deck solutions for your aircraft.
Avidyne's product range primarily covers the general aviation market, whereas some of our other products serve better in corporate aviation - or even in commercial – areas. Avidyne's vision is to bring more advanced and modernised avionics into the flight deck of smaller aircraft to increase safety levels and provide more flexibility for the pilot.



Trig Avionics is an innovative manufacturer of transponders, radios and audio panels, especially for lighter GA aircraft, and also specialises in ensuring aircraft adheres to EASA mandates. When TRIG produced the world’s smallest Mode S general aviation transponder, it was an instant best seller. The transponder’s built-in altitude encoder and compact components have allowed pilots to fly with fully compliant Mode S/ADS-B equipment, where previously this was impossible.