ADS-B upgrade - Dornier 328


From December 31, 2019 (USA) and June 06, 2020 (Europe) all IFR-equipped aircrafts over 5,7 t and / or faster than 250 kts must be equipped with ADS-B Out avionics (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast).

Cost-effective ADS-B upgrade for Dornier 328

To comply with regulations, SUN-AIR Technic have developed a hugely cost-effective ADS-B upgrade for Dornier 328 Jet and TP aircrafts that provides operators of these aircrafts with an economical solution complying with all regulations.

Short description of solution

The ADS-B upgrade for the Dornier 328 is comprised of a pair of GTX 3000 ADS-B transponders and a GPS 3000, a high-integrity SBAS/WAAS position source, and a complete installation kit comprised of a pre-wired shelf, wire harness and consumption material.

This solution is designed to easily interface to existing equipment on board the aircraft, reducing installation time and lowering the overall cost of compliance. Together, the GTX 3000 and GPS 3000 serve as a rugged, standalone ADS-B Out solution that meets the stringent demands of transport category aircraft around the globe.