Our core services

Our component shop includes an extensive range of parts for a variety of aircraft. Our in-house technicians are experienced specialists who aim to resolve any issues professionally and efficiently, ensuring the highest standards of safety.

We also offer a component exchange service, with parts including rotables, landing gears, wheels, brakes, blowers and starter generators.


Capability list

Goodrich De-Icer service Center 

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Landing gears

Our considerable experience ensures our experts are highly skilled at landing gear maintenance, repair and overhaul work. We specialise in DO328 landing gears and have one of the largest Dornier landing gear shops. We also carry our MRO tasks on other commuter aircraft. 

As we are an operator of both Dornier DO328 and Bae Jetstream J31/23, our dedicated team of technicians have access to an extensive range of spare parts and exchange units, giving us the ability to provide an efficient service that ensures your aircraft down-time is kept to a minimum.

Please see our current capability list for our full range of landing gear services.


Starter generators

We carry out repair and overhaul work for Dornier 328 series and other aircraft types. Furthermore, we have a large stock of spares and exchange units.

Please see our current capability list for our full range of starter generator services.


Wheels and brakes 

Wheels and brakes are part of the basic repair and overhaul service we provide for all aircraft. We now supply a wide range of repairs and overhaul services for the following aircraft types:

  • Dornier 328 series
  • Jetstream 31/32
  • Cessna Citations
  • Beechcraft models
  • Hawker aircraft 
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Composite work

Our composite shop carries out a wide range of repairs under the terms of our EASA Part 145 approval. Our capability list includes both interior and exterior components, surfaces and structural composite parts. The shop repairs components in-house at our facility or can offer an on-wing AOG service. Our highly skilled technicians are fully equipped with portable hot bonding equipment.


Structural repairs & alterations

We use the most up-to-date tools and techniques to carry out quality repairs and alterations. Our workshops are well stocked with spare parts and components to ensure any issues are resolved as quickly as possible. If a part is not in stock, we can ensure fast deliveries of genuine aircraft parts and products when needed through our international network. 

Furthermore we provide: 

  • A wide range of modern jigs to assure perfect alignment of the finished product
  • Certified work documentation
  • Assistance in supplementary Type Certification for your special requirements
  • Direct manufacturer engineering support
  • Up-to-date technical library
  • Modern hangar facilities