New danish aircraft service centre lifts off

SUN-AIR Technic is airborne. With a flying start this new aircraft service center is bound for a high altitude on maintenance and service of commercial and corporate jets as well as turboprops internationally. 

SUN-AIR Technic launches a new concept on maintenance.

From May 1, SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S positions SUN-AIR Technic on the international scene for maintenance, repair and overhaul with a new “One-stop” concept. The ”One-stop facility” concept secures both logistic and down-time benefits as all central processes are completed in-house with a minimum of inconvenience to the customer.

SUN-AIR Technic covers a widely spread customer segment with a high level of specialization on several types of aircraft, engines and technical installations and modifications. The customers are well known brands and companies within Commercial, Corporate and General Aviation.

SUN-AIR Technic continues the line of business on maintenance and expertise on aircraft in each facility as usual. In the future the customers shall experience extended flexibility, capacity and knowhow as the facilities will be coordinated, supplied and managed centrally. 

SUN-AIR Technic maintains and services aircraft from the following manufacturers: Dornier, Hawker, Beechcraft, Cessna, BAE Jetstream, Piaggio, Cirrus, Piper and Mitsubishi. An outline of SUN-AIR Technic’s capabilities comprises of:

  • Maintenance of aircraft
  • Pre-buy inspections
  • Sale of parts and components
  • Overhaul of components
  • Modifications, installations and avionic upgrades
  • Service of engines, HSI, Boroscope and PRI
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada Premium Service Provider
  • and much more

Since the start in 1978 the SUN-AIR of Scandinavia headquarter in Billund has been the base of all SUN-AIR's activities. From here the business has been coordinated as well as expanded considerably during the past 33 years.

SUN-AIR is best known from its franchise cooperation with British Airways and the direct flight connections to larger cities in the European countries. Another important part of the SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S business is maintenance, components and trading aircraft and parts.

Through the years SUN-AIR has acquired a number of maintenance facilities each with their area of expertise on aircraft, engines, spare parts and components. Until the turn of the year the maintenance facilities have been managed independently, but are now consolidated in the new SUN-AIR Technic structure including the significant sale of parts which so far has been a section of SUN-AIR.