Airworthiness Management


We are an approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) under the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Part M. This means we are professionally approved to review, monitor and evaluate your aircraft's airworthiness to the highest industry standards.


With our significant experience applying a strict set of industry directives to a wide range of airliners, you can rely on us to ensure the safety and airworthiness of your aircraft.





  • Subpart G & I – Airworthiness Renewal Certificate extensions and issuance
  • Full airworthiness reviews
  • Maintenance tracking and forecasting
  • Registration of new aircraft



We are capable of managing a wide array of different aircraft. Refer to our capablity list or call us for more information.


AIRCRAFT TYPE Airworthiness review authorised
Beech 400 / MU-300
BH/DH/HS/Bae 125+Haw.800/850/1000
Dornier 328
Jetstream 3100/3200
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Rasmus Christensen
CTO & Postholder Continuing Airworthiness
SUN-AIR Technic one-stop facility

SUN-AIR Technic is a merger of Samro and ScanTech. Together we provide a one-stop shop for maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft.




Contact info

Head Office - Billund
Cumulusvej 10
DK-7190 Billund

Phone +45 7698 9000

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